Chløë Black "27 Club" (Calum Macdiarmid, dir.)

Chløë Black - 27 Club (Official Video)

A strange lunch date with death himself that veers from smoky to sexy to surreal... Here's hoping it's not an invitiation to that 27 Club.

Calum Macdiarmid, director: “The 27 Club video was inspired by my obsessions with vintage wet plate photography and the visual aesthetics of French New Wave cinema. I wanted to create a film that was all about bold compositions and manipulation of shadows, so shooting in black and white felt like the most natural fit.

Chloe was a total gift. She was so committed to the concept from the get go. Even the pigs' brains and ants didn’t seem to phase her. Which was lucky given that the ants didn’t always behave themselves, scuttling away, trying to avoid the light, as soon as we put them on Chloe. They weren’t shy about reappearing all over us long after shooting had wrapped though."

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Olly Nice, First Assistant Camera
Chris Dowling, Gaffer
Ben Hsiung, First Assistant Director
Kate Ruth, Stylist
Shukeel Murtaza, Hairdresser
Lucy Gibson, Make-up Artist
Jessamy Hadfield, Hazel Brill, Art Director
Dugal Macdiarmid, Sound Designer