Charles Hamilton f/ Rita Ora "New York Raining" (Max & Dania, dir.)

Charles Hamilton - New York Raining ft. Rita Ora

"This cinematic and stirring promo shot by Max & Dania serves as a call to action, drawing parallels between the civil right movement in America in the 60s and events we’ve seen in today’s media from Ferguson, the Michael Brown shooting and more recently in the tensions in Baltimore. The visuals to New York Raining plot a love story set against the backdrop of The Civil Rights movement. Max & Dania were inspired by the struggles faced by the figures at the forefront of this historical period; people such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. These characters were being arrested and facing personal struggles for standing up for what they believed in. Another point of inspiration was is the striking photography that documents these times.

The directing-duo and their team in New York delved deep into this era to make this video really encapsulate its essence. The elements that they were able to pull together create a true feeling of authenticity. Of note, they sourced the actual Mosque in which Malcolm X delivered his rousing speeches; here the lease is still in his original name, Malcolm Little. Additionally, the vehicles used in the video play a big part in recreating the look of the time. For instance, the bus obtained is identical to those used in the freedom marches attended by Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.

A major aspect of the story is told through the wardrobe and styling of the piece.  Chronologically, our characters begin their journey in around1963; the styling is very heavily 60s. However as we continue, leading into '68 and finally the 70s, we see the ethos of the Afro movement appear. This aesthetic is synonymous with the Black Panthers and visually expresses the increasing radicalization of the cause.

Details such as these are what came together for Max & Dania to capture this 4-and-a-half minute snapshot of a turbulent and epoch-defining moment in time."

Production Company
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Aaron Reid, 2nd Unit DP
Brien Justiniano, Producer
Rodney Byerson, First Assistant Director
John Robie, First Assistant Camera
Al Rivera, Gaffer
Mho Art Brown, Production Designer