L'Tric "This Feeling" (Les Umberger, dir.)

L’Tric - This Feeling

Venice Beach, CA-based creative content studio Heresy director Les Umberger ignites a contagious florescent dance frenzy on an ordinary suburban sidewalk in the vibrant new video for Australian duo L’Tric’s track “This Feeling.” The video infuses an 90s dance vibe with a dose of small-town charm, finding a young man eagerly recording the new track on his boombox. The jam immediately sparks a dance fever in his conservatively-dressed father as he is leaving the house. The sidewalk dance party continues as two young women join in, seemingly unable to resist the infectious beat, leaving our young man in awe on the steps nearby. Steams of florescent light begins to flow from the movement of their limbs, escalating to an explosion of color that sprouts from their necks. Shocked, the young man hastily turns off the music, immediately halting the sidewalk action and scattering the trio of dancers, with the boy’s father insisting, “Don’t tell your mother about this."

Production Company
Director of Photography
Editing Company
MOD, Post-production
Les Umberger, Visual Effects Creative Director
Dave Pickett, Colorist
Kurtis Kwasny, Sound Designer