Hey Violet "I Can Feel It" (So & So, dir.)

Hey Violet - I Can Feel It

Creative studio Heresy directing duo So & So sparks a vibrant midnight fiesta in the new music video for Hey Violet’s single “I Can Feel It,” via Capitol Records. The video is set in Downtown Los Angeles’ thriving hub of paper mâché delights: the Piñata District, and features the band members enjoying a carefree night of colorful antics.

So & So, comprised of members Sue and Hoj, was inspired by the colorful exuberance of the Piñata District, where the LA-residing duo often venture through on their own romantic strolls. “We thought Hey Violet would be the perfect band to run wild through an alley full of piñatas,” said So & So. The youthful and energetic Angeleno band jibed perfectly with the creative energy of So & So, effectively capturing the carefree aesthetic. “Working with Hey Violet was like meeting up with a bunch of friends, staying up all night long and doing exactly what we wanted to do until the sun actually came up,” the directors noted.   

Production Company
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Whitney Conroy, Head Of Production
Matthew Holt, Production Designer
Melissa Broker, Production Designer