Abd Al Malik "Allogène" (Romain Cieutat, dir.)

Abd Al Malik - Allogène

Abd Al Malik and Laurent Garnier release Allogène, the first single of their forthcoming album Scarifications. Romain Cieutat directed the surprising music video for this song. Romain Cieutat : "The music video Allogène is about following a fictional character I call « the screen man ». He walks alone in an urban environment and takes his clothes off as the video goes on.  He slowly reveals his body, which is made of light instead of skin. He runs away from the city and finally ends up in a desert, free, released from “his armour”. We used the Keying technology on a green screen, but the green screen was the character himself. Dancer Abdoulaye Barry, who played the “screen man”, wore a green one-piece suit that allowed us to superimpose 3D images."

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