Vessels "Are You Trending?" (Thomas Ralph, dir.)

Dance music possesses a guy and a girl as they orgasmically dance around North London.

Thomas Ralph, director: "The idea initially stemmed from the pattern like structure of the song and the 90’s all-night rave culture Vessels are homaging. Our mission was to merge raw, out on the town ‘run and gun’ narrative shooting with a graphic, layered, edit-structure to match with the beat."

Danyel Galaxy "Cybernetic Permutations In The Key Of A" (Felix Van Groeningen, dir.)

Creating an '80s-styled keyboard ode in front of the crowd at club Belgica, which is also the title of a film about said nightclub from Belgian director Felix Van Groeningen [this is a deleted scene from the movie].

For the record, Danyel Galaxy is not a real person. It's an alias (one of 16, apparently) for Soulwax, the legendary DJs/producers who provide the soundtrack to the film, each song under a different guise.

Fake Blood "All In The Blink" (halcyon, dir.)

Fake Blood - All In The Blink (Official Video)

halcyon - that’s Jack Pirie and Alex Hylands-White – have ‘unearthed’ a lost film of scientific experimentation from the 1970s…. experiments at ‘Zenith Medical Technologies’ in the field of ‘ecteneic energy’ which are murky, dangerous, and ultimately devastating.