Skrillex w/ Tennyson & White Sea "Stranger" (Andrew Donoho, dir.)

Skrillex - Stranger (Skrillex Remix w/ Tennyson & White Sea)

We're thrilled to show you the new music video from Andrew Donoho for Skrillex. This one's been a long time coming and all for a worthy cause.

Excerpt from HypeBeast: "How was the video conceptually approached?

I approached Andrew Donoho, the director, because I knew he was really good at doing run-and-gun lifestyle videos. In a lot of his old videos he never even used actors, he likes to stay away from them. He’s really good at creating scenarios with real people, and that was the whole sentiment behind the video. I wanted real kids in real situations to sort of create something. Almost like documenting something that really happened and that’s how it felt, even though it was scripted in the sense that there was a video treatment. But everything was really natural."


Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Executive Producer
Mike Brune, First Assistant Director
Donovan Henneberg-Verity, First Assistant Camera
Jessica Hershatter, Second Assistant Camera
Aimee Holmberg, Art Director
Lorrain Coppin, Stylist
Donoho Productions, Post-production
Megan Gane, Production Coordinator
Jarret Morgan, Steadicam Operator
Tyler Winegar, Key grip
Andrew Martin, Best Boy (Grip)
Field Manly, Grip
Antimo Ponicello, Best Boy (Electrical)
Charlie Wheeler, Electrical
Gabe Pippas, Swing
Joe Obvie, Props Master