@kevathens There are a ton of new clips - Klasfeld, Andelman, Drew Kirsch 1 day 9 hours ago
@kevathens There are a ton of new clips - Klasfeld, Andelman, Drew Kirsch 1 day 9 hours ago

Sundara Karma "A Young Understanding" (Oscar Hudson, dir.)

Sundara Karma - A Young Understanding (Official Video)

Don't take your eyes off the ball for this one. Trust us ;) 

The wonderfully unassuming new promo from the eccentrically genius mind of Oscar Hudson for Sony Music's Sundara Karma.

From The Director:

"The concept for this video came to me a really long time ago whilst daydreaming in the backseat on a very long drive. This was before anyone was letting me make music videos for them, so the idea had been gathering dust in my brain for a few years before I pitched it to the band. I’ve always loved the look of images that come from cameras when they aren’t being pointed with any intention- like when you forget to stop recording after taking a clip. There’s something interesting about removing the hand that points the camera from a situation. So with this concept I got to have a load of fun with those kinds of ideas."

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Callum Harrison, Production Manager
Spike Morris, First Assistant Camera
Orlando Morris, Second Assistant Camera
B Cam Assistant: Nai Sukanant, Camera Production Asst.
Stolen Cam Op: Joerg Stadler, Camera Operator
Luke Moran-Morris, Art Director
Laura Castelano, Asst. Art Director
Anna Wild, Make-up Artist
Hannah Elwell, Stylist
Ben Freeman, Grip
Matt Markham, Electrical

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