Declan McKenna "Bethlehem" (John Merizalde, dir.)

Declan McKenna - Bethlehem (Official Video)

The troubles of young, forbidden love could be a typical tale, which is why director John Merizalde sets the action in a town under the spell of an unusual cult.

John Merizalde, director: "When I first listened to the track, I was reminded of a small rural town in Georgia called Bethlehem, about an hour away from where I grew up. That, coupled with the themes behind the track — basically a critique against religiously motivated violence and hate — were the initial catalyst for theidea. The use of 16mm film and slow zooms were incorporated to hopefully give it a more old-school feel.

And no, I never attended a snake church growing up... Although I do know some people that did."

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Whitelist (Service), Production Company
Erin Murray, Casting Director
Jennifer Chandler, Production Designer
Amber Flores, Hair and Make-up
Azariah Oldacre, Camera Production Asst.
Edward Martinez, Camera Production Asst.
Oren Malik, Film Loader
Josh Cubas, Gaffer
Asher Emmanuel, Assoc Producer
Jae Desouza, Production Assistant
David Torcivia, Colorist

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