OK Go "The One Moment" (Damian Kulash, dir.)

OK Go – The One Moment – Official Video

Why spend all day shooting a video when you can get what you need in 4.2 seconds. That's the trick of this latest ingenious OK Go clip, where they carefully choreographed what becomes a full, proper music video to the length of the song when displayed in super slo-mo.

How'd they do it? Luckily, frontman and video director Damian Kulash, Jr. cares to share, providing a Background Notes page breaking down the intricate plotting needed to make sure the 318 seperate "events" got captured correctly via seven highspeed cameras controlled by robotic arms. Shit, he even shares his spreadsheet to see how detailed you need to be.

Consider it a Thanksgiving treat.

Production Company
Director of Photography
Bradley Thordarson, Production Designer