Midnight To Monaco "One Way Ticket" (Nicolas Randall, dir.)

Midnight To Monaco - One Way Ticket

In Midnight To Monaco’s first video ‘One In A Million’ we created a distinct set of characters to set up the Midnight To Monaco world. Ricky played a wannabe actor spiraling out of control as he makes ends meet through his escort services. In One Way Ticket we pick the story back up at the house of Hollywood music producer Donnie Sloan and his girlfriend x-adult star Brenda Wilder. Discovering his true talent, we see Donnie take Ricky under his wing, penning and recording their classic track ‘One Way Ticket’, helping make Ricky into a true Hollywood star.

Directed by Nicolas Randall, the video was shot at a mid-century house in the Larchmont section of Los Angeles; at the infamous East West studios in Hollywood where the Beach Boys, Blondie, Herbie Hancock, and Michael Jackson have recorded; and while on a drive through Topanga Canyons and Point Magu in Malibu. 


Production Company
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Executive Producer
Spencer Graves, Production Designer
Ricky Gausis @ MPC, Colorist
Michelle Laine, Costume Designer
Eric Wong, Executive Producer
Lawrence Lui, Executive Producer