Nicolas Randall

Bullitt Welcomes Director Nicholas Randall

[via press release]

Bullitt kicks off a busy new year by expanding its roster with Nicolas Randall, a director and creative director known for the striking production design, distinctive color palettes, and the photographic quality he brings to each frame. Possessing a deep understanding of the creative advertising process, Nicolas works at the intersection of art, music, commerce and culture, for innovative agencies and brands including Land Rover and Roberto Cavalli.  

Midnight To Monaco "One Way Ticket" (Nicolas Randall, dir.)

In Midnight To Monaco’s first video ‘One In A Million’ we created a distinct set of characters to set up the Midnight To Monaco world. Ricky played a wannabe actor spiraling out of control as he makes ends meet through his escort services. In One Way Ticket we pick the story back up at the house of Hollywood music producer Donnie Sloan and his girlfriend x-adult star Brenda Wilder. Discovering his true talent, we see Donnie take Ricky under his wing, penning and recording their classic track ‘One Way Ticket’, helping make Ricky into a true Hollywood star.

Daft Signz Tribute Video for Daft Punk "Lose Yourself To Dance" (Nicolas Randall, Joe Stevens, dir.)

Although Daft Punk is one of the stronger visual bands out there — from the robotic imagery to a track record of excellent creative videos — we're still waiting for an official clip from the duo's breakthrough album, Random Access Memories. Which in the create and remix culture of the web is not a huge deal, since people are more than happy to roll their own. Case in point is Daft Signz, a group of L.A.