Oyinda "Serpentine" (PussyKrew, dir.)

Oyinda - Serpentine (Official Music Video)

What starts as a starkly beautyiful b/w video takes a turn into even bolder sci-fi territory in this latest from Pussykrew.

Pussykrew, directors: "We were trying to construct a visual experience outside of the standard music video language. We’ve created a visual piece based on the mood of the track and our imaginary virtual space. It’s a combination of live action and CGI -a sensual and intimate sci-fi story, where Oyinda is transcending into an alter reality (or expanded reality) in the post-future fluid universe."

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Geoff Goodloe, First Assistant Camera
Mitchell Ball, Gaffer
Ro Morgan, Andres Copeland, Hairdresser
Alexa Hernandez, Make-up Artist