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Erin Hill "Stay" (M.N.Kinski, dir.)

"Stay" RIHANNA & Mikky Ekko cover - Harp - Erin Hill, Singing Harpist

Rock/pop harpist Erin Hill performs her Rihanna cover "Stay," from her album "Harp Town," on Cleopatra Records.  Produced by Cherry Pie Pictures, the video features Erin's electric harp, a contortionist, and Erin's little west dog, MacLeod!

A masterful harpist with a golden singing voice, Hill has performed as back-up to such major artists as Kanye West, Enya, moby, Cyndi Lauper, ‘80s new wave icons a-ha, Randy Newman, Sinead O’Connor, Jewel, and many others. In addition, Hill has extensive TV and Film credits, such​ as Bravo’s ​Million Dollar Listing and Com​ edy Central’s ​Chappelle’s Show where she’s known as the “Pretty White Girl” who sings Dave’s darkest, most private thoughts. Erin was featu​ red by HBO in a ​Game of Thrones promo, playing the show’s theme on her harp, and she wasalsofeaturedin​TimRobbins’film​CradleWillR​ ock,HBO’s​TheChrisRockShow,and PBS’s ​American Masters. Her Celtic album hit #1 on the BIllboard world chart. 

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