@kanyewest Still waiting to host SNL🤔Lauren in the goat. Ye gotta host 1 day 22 hours ago
@kanyewest Meeting with Trav tonight bet it never be a checks over stripes line again on a Trav song on Donda 1 day 22 hours ago
@A_Listermann RT : Industry is shady, it needs to be taken over 1 day 21 hours ago
@jus10p I know. I’m depressed 1 day 21 hours ago
@A_Listermann RT : VAIL NYE ☃️❄️ 1 day 23 hours ago
@kanyewest Typo Lauren Michaels is the goat The world needs that Ye SNL 👽👽👽 1 day 22 hours ago
@JosephKahn The term "people of color" makes it seems like there's white people vs everyone else and I don't think that's progr… https://t.co/mVNL96y8zm 1 day 21 hours ago

Ariana Grande "God is a Woman" (Dave Meyers, dir.)

Ariana Grande - God is a woman

Bow Down as Ariana Grande gives birth to a hugely ambitious VFX video that also features the voice of Pop Goddess Madonna doing a vocal cameo that would even give Jules Winnfield reason to worry. 

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Ethan Tobman, Production Designer
Mathematic, Visual Effects
fabrice lagayette, Visual Effects Supervisor
Stefan Sonnenfeld, Colorist

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