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Aja "I Don't Wanna Brag" (Assaad Yacoub, dir.)

Aja - I Don't Wanna Brag (Official Video)

Celebrated Queer Artist Aja Challenges Bragging Rights In Stylized Music Video By Director-Producer Duo Assaad Yacoub & Alex Lampsos

In the realm of visual expression, queer artist Aja is no stranger to expanding artistic horizons and stepping out of all forms of conventional boxes. In “I Don’t Wanna Brag,” Aja’s latest music video release, viewers are catapulted into an elaborate underground world of competitive bragging, with Aja embodying 11 characters in customized outfits and stylized environments. The otherworldly video is a star-studded affair featuring fellow Drag Race alumna Violet Chachki & Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor and Dragula star Biqtch Puddin’, blending doses of myth, grunge and burlesque glamour.

With a multi-dimensional sense of imagination, Aja places trust in award-winning Director-Producer duo Assaad Yacoub & Alex Lampsos, known for their worldwide release of “Cherry Pop” on Netflix and bringing to life over 15 Drag Race music videos. Distinctively painted through Yacoub’s directing strokes, and elevated in production value by Lampsos, the eccentric music video / short film hybrid is a larger-than-life reflection of the rich artistry harbored within the team, their second collaboration and third for Yacoub and Aja. (Watch the first video - “Brujeria” - here)

The trio are in development of multiple future projects that aim to continue to transcend storytelling and production value. Aja, Assaad & Alex’s work and latest news can be found on the following platforms:






Assaad Yacoub



Alex Lampsos





Directed by - Assaad Yacoub 

Produced by - Alex Lampsos 

Director Of Photography - Ilya Chegodar 

Edited by - Nick Landa & Coralie Jeanquier 

1st Assistant Director - Claudia Kristiansen 

Production Designer - Jared Carlson 

Special Thanks - Ty Turkin 

Choreographed by - Sasha Colby 

Make Up Artist - GOTTMIK 

Dancers - Sasha Colby; Melanie Ax; Devin Walker; Giancarlo Annitto 

Gaffer - Edwin Bechenbach 

1st Assistant Camera - Majd Mazin 

2nd Assistant Camera - Sholpan Murabuldayeva 

Art Director - Willy Berkowitz 

Best Boy Grip - Alejandro Rojas 

Best Boy Electric - Anthony De Phillippi 

DIT / Sound - Cory Baker

Featuring - Violet Chachki; Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor; Sasha Colby, Biqtch Puddin’

Director of Photography
Executive Producer

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