Sam Tudor "New Apartment" (Lucas Hrubizna, dir.)

Sam Tudor - New Apartment

Enter Sam Tudor’s universe as reality falls apart in his New Apartment. A surreal trip into the ideas we conjure of who or what inhabited our spaces before we arrived. A one-take visual effects dance through the walls and voids of Tudor’s psyche.

Created as part of an ongoing collaboration between Vancouver filmmaker Lucas Hrubizna and musician Sam Tudor, the pair endeavoured to push the limits of a no-budget, no-crew music video. Painstakingly put together on a 2009 iMac in his bedroom, Hrubizna spent several months working on the complex visual effects after only a single afternoon of shooting.

In Hrubizna’s words: “The lyrical jumping-off point for the New Apartment video was this loaded passage from the song: ‘who are we but the floating remnants of a collision at the start of all time?’ I began to think of the objects that are discarded in the process of a person moving and the picture they paint for a new tenant about who or what came before them. Exploding this idea to a larger scale, I sensed a parallel in the hints left to us by the universe that allow us to piece together an understanding of reality. As the camera floats through a freshly-rented space, the remnants of a previous tenant become increasingly clustered and organized, like molecular structures or celestial bodies, revealing a strange reality behind the empty walls of a new apartment.”

Director of Photography
Lucas Hrubizna, Visual Effects