Architects "Modern Misery" (Lewis Cater, dir.)

Architects - "Modern Misery"

Modern Misery looks at the lack of connection, empathy and vulnerability in modern life. The video looks at the invasion of privacy, the deterioration in social skills and inability to connect on an emotional level. The idea that we have strayed from a more natural way of ‘being’.

Production Company
Director of Photography
Jonny Pickup, First Assistant Director
Matt Farrant, First Assistant Camera
Klara Rychtarcikova, Second Assistant Camera
Benny Cassey, Art Director
Tom Hobson, Art
James Matthew Reid, Second Assistant Director
Brooke Lee, Make-up Artist
Lee Parfitt, Gaffer
Delroy Burley, Electrical
Dax Sharkey, Electrical
Alex Gregory, Colorist
The Mill, Company