Zebrafish Media

Stand Atlantic "Jurassic Park" (Lewis Cater, dir.)

The visual for Australian pop-punk outfit Stand Atlantic follows lead singer Bon, as she travels through series of surreal, twisted rooms, finding herself in a number of uncomfortable scenarios.

Jurassic Park is the first of two videos. It paints the picture of a perfect, visually aesthetic world and forces the viewer to watch through rose-tinted glasses. It's clear that Bon is seeing something else, but we can't see through the sugarcoating.

Swim Deep "Sail Away Say Goodbye" (Georgina Cammalleri, dir.)

Director Georgina Cammalleri returns to work with Swim Deep, an indie rock band from Birmingham, UK, following her music video for “To Feel Good” earlier this year. Ahead of the October release of the band’s Emerald Classics album, “Sail Away, Say Goodbye” carries all of the band’s psychedelic-tinged dream pop and tells a story of grief that is very personal to lead singer Austin Williams – the song is about the loss of his grandmother after her battle with dementia.