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Yellow Days "How Can I Love You?" (Jamie Whitby, dir.)

Yellow Days - How Can I Love You? (Official Video)

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Jabez Bartlett, Production Designer
Bruce Langfield, Post-production
Aimee Garner, Hair and Make-up
Daniel Carter, Production Manager
Hayley West, Production Assistant
Michael Hobdell, First Assistant Camera
Jerome France, First Assistant Director
Jack Whitby, Production Assistant
Kim Moore, Production Assistant
Sam James, Production Assistant
Kit Falck, Asst. Art Director
Alistair Osbourne, Asst. Art Director
Marieke Bernard Berkel, Asst. Art Director
Nick Leishman, Electrical
Leon Pyszora, Electrical
Tomi Keeling @ The Visual Effects Company, Motion Control Tech./Operator
Simone Tartaglia, Visual Effects Supervisor

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