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The Day "Where The Wild Things Are" (Lumi Lausas, dir.)

The Day - Where The Wild Things Are (official video)

Dutch-german duo THE DAY releases the video for the recent single "Where The Wild Things Are".

"Where The Wild Things Are" is a lovestory about the escape of the ordinary and the adventures that lie ahead somewhere else.

Again, the video is directed by Lumi Lausas. She says: "The music by The Day always brings me in a certain state of nostalgia. Unlike listening to an old playlist, it does not throw me back to any particular period of my life. Instead, it triggers a longing without an object, the sensorial memory of a past mood taken out of context. This relates to an illusion of a future that never materialised, comparable to the colours of a vivid dream fading away with time."

The pastel colored,  stringently organized video for 'Where The Wild Things Are' is a visual translation of this feeling. Its faceless figures are frozen in enigmatic landscapes, searching in vain for a key to open forgotten paradises.

After the release of their understatement hit „Grow“ last year, and „Leave The Dark“ - the playful dream pop cover version of label mates Yeah But No, the two now present a more optimistic facet of their music. The debut album "Midnight Parade" will be out in January 2019.


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