Yeah But No "I Don't Want To Know" (Harjinder Grewal, dir.)

Berlin-based Electro/Pop duo Yeah But No announce the release of „Demons“. In advance we release the video to the band’s recent single „I Don't Want To Know“ /// DIRECTOR’S NOTE by Harjinder Grewal Being based in Tenerife, I wanted to take advantage of some of the many diverse locations here and construct a series of images that, without a concrete narrative or story, eluded to a bigger theme and could be interpreted in different ways.  Essentially it's a subtle meditation upon our place in the world and how we navigate our way with technology leading us to extinction.  

Rue Royale "Thrown by the Wind" (Rob Brown, dir.)

From the album "In Parallel" released by Sinnbus Stream / download:

Starring Charlotte Spencer and Rocco.

Director - Rob Brown Producer - Jake Hume Cinematographer - Jamie Harding Editor - Sam Holding Colourist - Dan Moran Hair and Makeup Artist - Olivia Nash Production Co-ordinator - Maggie Brown Dog Wrangler - Gareth Bowyer

Shot on Kodak Vision3 250D S16mm Film provided by Frame24  Processing and scanning by Kodak London

Special Thanks

Linda Pedersen, Julie Taylor-Butt, Sam Clark @ Kodak  Snowdonia Sleddogs

By Rob Brown on October 1, 2018 @ 3:08am PDT