Yung Pinch "Nightmares" (Mike Diva, dir.)

Yung Pinch – Nightmares ft. Lil Skies (Official Video)

Lord Danger’s Mike Diva, known for vibrant and wildly original films that blend animation and live action, has teamed up with rappers Yung Pinch and Lil Skies to create a haunting neo-future music video for their new track, "Nightmare.” Set to a song about heartbreak stemming from one’s inner demons, the video employs Japanese and anime inspired imagery to create a world where our troubles manifest and materialize into the masks we wear — and where the damage done is deadly.

Yung Pinch is known for his impressive creative output, notably dropping new singles each Friday in the fall of 2018 as part of his #4EVERFRIDAY. Rapper Lil Skies first started creating music with his father, rapper Dark Skies. His debut album, Life of a Dark Rose peaked at #10 on the Billboard 200 before obtaining Gold Record status.

Production Company
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Executive Producer
Thor Wixom, Steadicam Operator
Tony Pizza, Production Designer
Justin Lynn, Costume Designer
Nelly Santiago, Hair and Make-up
Mike Diva, Creative Director
Dan Packer, Post-production Supervisor
Ethan Chancer, Compositor
Silica, Cody Vondell, Graphics
Aaron Nelson-Purcell, Rotoscope/Paint Artists