Yeah But No "I Don't Want To Know" (Harjinder Grewal, dir.)

Yeah But No - I Don't Want To Know (official video)

Berlin-based Electro/Pop duo Yeah But No announce the release of „Demons“. In advance we release the video to the band’s recent single „I Don't Want To Know“ /// DIRECTOR’S NOTE by Harjinder Grewal Being based in Tenerife, I wanted to take advantage of some of the many diverse locations here and construct a series of images that, without a concrete narrative or story, eluded to a bigger theme and could be interpreted in different ways.  Essentially it's a subtle meditation upon our place in the world and how we navigate our way with technology leading us to extinction.   The band were quite clear in that they didn´t want a specific story either, so these were not explicit themes I went into production with, but were in the back of my mind and evolved throughout the shoot and edit.   The natural landscapes here also inspired this direction, as they have an interesting contrast of unpolished beauty that could be apocalyptic or from another place in time.   Likewise, our protagonist José Luis was chosen specifically as he has an inherent look that helped build upon the ambiguity of the idea, having characteristics that at the same time could be specific to many places or none. /// INFO - Track "I Dont Want To Know" Berlin-based Electro/Pop duo Yeah But No announce the release of "Demons", the band's second album, as well as the next single "I Don't Want To Know". Being on the road constantly, Yeah But No have shaped and redefined their musical vision of the band. Dealing with inner and outer conflicts and contrarieties, "Demons" is a slightly darker and more mature piece of music than the bands previous releases. Following the nervours, rhythmically driven "Caught Between Stations", this new track highlights the more Wave-ish / Electro elements of Yeah But No. "I Don't Want To Know" is a comment on the climate crisis. It's knocking on our doors, but we shut our eyes, ears and mouths. Yeah But No is comprised Douglas Greed and Fabian Kuss. Merging electronic music with classic song structures into a smart and captivating listening enjoyment is the band's objective ever since they started collaborating. They released their self-titled debut album in fall 2017, followed by extensive touring, and accompanied by a couple of carefully curated remix EPs containing contributions by friends made along the way, and artists Yeah But No became friends and fans of. The likes of Daniel Brandt, Karmon, Marc Holstege and many others delivered stunning interpretations of Yeah But No's music, expanding the band's wide range from elegant deep house to fiddly electronica to hypnotic techno and great pop music. The album "Demons" will be released on October 18th, 2019. Yeah But No will be touring in late fall 2019.

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