Tiffany Day "GROWNUP" (Jane Chow, dir.)

Tiffany Day - GROWNUP (Official Video)

An alien from Mars travels to Earth to pursue a career in music. As she struggles all alone, two Men in Black are on a mission to hunt her down. Will she succeed in her dreams? Or will they catch her before she’s had a chance?

A little backstory from the director, Jane Chow:

"We started shooting this video at Youtube Space LA earlier this year and had planned to continue shooting scenes on location around the city, but then the pandemic happened. During lockdown, I had an idea to shift gears and finish everything remotely with green screen VFX, and go all out with the 90s DIY energy. After shipping a green screen to Tiffany's house in Kansas, directing her over FaceTime while she filmed herself, and months of post, the video is finally complete in all its chaotic glory!"

Director of Photography
Jane Chow, Treatment Writer
Peter Rafe, Treatment Writer
Jane Chow, Visual Effects
Sarah Kim, Costume Designer
Farrah Su, Camera
Arjay Ancheta, Gaffer
Addy Bruggeman, Production Manager