NowhereJam "Driving me crazy" (Alis, Melissa Jane Dichiera, dir.)

NowhereJam - Driving me crazy - Official Video 2022

This is not just a music video. This is a funny musical short movie about the everyday problems of each of us in living a hectic life when it would be easier to live a dream sometimes. At the same time the band wanted to tell in a funny way their desire to meet each others and finally play together.

NowhereJam (this is the name of the band) are half from Milan-Italy (Max Passerini - Guitars and Alis - Bass Guitar) and half from Los Angeles (Melissa Jane Voice) and random drummers from everywhere.

This song and this video was written and recorded at over 6200 miles of distance (Melissa in California, Alis and Max in Italy) but the passion for the rock knows no bounds and combined with the friendship that binds these guys has allowed them to write, record this song and make a video together without ever meeting!

Well, it's the true power of rock, isn't it ?

The song "Driving me crazy"  is an original song by Max Passerini/MJ Dichiera. The video is directed by Alis and MJ Dichiera

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