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Anberlin "Unstable" (Jodeb, Dir.)

Anberlin - Unstable

An untainted environment comes crumbling apart in this latest latest video from Jodeb, combining his technolic chops with a natural world...

Jodeb, director:

This film was really a very personal, passion project for me throughout the entire process.

Anberlin contacted me to make a video from their last record and they wanted to do something very different from what they've done before. I discussed a lot with Nate, the drummer, and we both were very excited about making an abstract narrative piece where love and war would blend together seamlessly. I suggested the idea of shooting in the Utah desert, as I felt from the start that the look of it worked well with the Anberlin esthetic that I've grown up with (I've been a big fan of the band since high school).

The final film is my personal interpretation of what love is and I always wanted the film to feel like a painting in motion; where emotions are inspired from the colors and the vastness of the environments. I've always painted in my spare time (and have studied fine arts) and my video work is heavily influenced by it. So that's the conceptual part...

Now, the production of this video was crazy. Our producer put together a very small team of extremely dedicated and courageous individuals that were down to drive 10 hours from LA to Moab, Utah (each way!!). We all very quickly became close friends and  shot 2 days in sweltering 40 degree celsius heat. Our crew were warriors, having to deal with not only the heat, but the incredibly dangerous terrain of the Moab.We were lucky enough that our Key grip grew up in Moab so he knew all the perfect  spots for us to shoot. We were also lucky enough to find a real-life couple to play "Adam & Eve", which really helped sell the emotion. They were very cool and even brought their young child along for the trip. My VFX/animation guy, who's a really good friend, also decided to join us, so that he would have a better feel for the environments that the story was taking place in.

It was a very special shoot. Especially from my point of view since I live in Quebec, where we're used to freezing cold winters. Post-production was very experimental. Paul and I tried stuff that we've never done before and we had an incredible amount of unexpected challenges to overcome. Thankfully both the band and label were extremely patient and in the end, that is what really allowed us to bring the visuals to an entirely new level. It's very rare to be given such freedom and flexibility from clients and crew so for that, we are extremely grateful and we hope that it was worth the wait! I'd really like to thank everybody on the team, they were all unbelievable. 

Production Company
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Geoff McLean, Producer
Jodeb, Visual Effects
Paul Laberge, Visual Effects

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