Halsey "New Americana" (Jodeb, dir.)

Hero to some, heretic to others, say hello to Halsey who's got an anthem that seems spot-on for a post-Lorde world. The obvious reference point here is Divergent, with a spark of Joan Of Arc martyrdom, as a civilization rallies around Halsey against a totalitarian force.

Sound over the top? Well, the end hints that it was all a dream, even if it's one that you would never find in Word-Up magazine.

The Videostatic Interview: Jodeb

Jodeb is Jonathan Desbiens, a director and artist who has rocketed to the top of many music video shortlists thanks to a distinctive style that's proven to be a perfect match for EDM. It's a style that's based upon finding the harmony between two opposing forces — the exotic on-location shoots vs the weeks of VFX and animation — creating worlds grounded neither entirely in fantasy, nor reality.

And there are similarly perfect contradictions that define Jodeb — the world traveler who lives in a tiny town an hour outside Montreal, the EDM maestro with the trippy images who has never even smoked so much as a cigarette, the refined VFX wiz who is completely self-taught, and the list goes on.

We had the opportunity to chat recently and Jodeb was way more open that you might expect from somebody who prefers to be seen in a mask for his official photo.

Sebastien Ingrosso (of Swedish House Mafia) "Reload" (Jodeb, dir.)

Sebastian Ingrosso, Tommy Trash, John Martin - Reload

Don't get tricked into thinking this is a Game Of Thrones homage — I see you, Jon Snow — this latest sci-fi parable directed by Jodeb doesn't take off until our hero enters the belly of the beast and emerges right where he belongs.