Commercial Break

Keeping Time with Galaxy Gear and LCD Soundsystem

On one hand, I'm amazed we're not seeing Samsung Galaxy Gear watch product shots in every music video — maybe there's a Beats Watch that's already placed on hold on pop star wrists? On the other, I'm not sure any visual could be as effective as this simple spot which mixes classic fictional watch communicators — from Dick Tracy to Michael Knight — to the beat of LCD Soundsystem's modern classic, "Someone Great." 

Justin Timberlake "Take Back The Night (Live From Hoboken)" (Marc Klasfeld, dir.)

This new Target x Timberlake spot directed by Marc Klasfeld is part music video, part commercial, part live shoot, part documentary and part happening. This underplay at tiny Hoboken, NJ club Maxwells caused lots of news coverage and commotion thanks to Target suddenly announcing the free show just hours before stagetime, drawing thousands in person and a whole lot more action action online...

Natasha Leggero "Tubbin' With Tash" (Matthew J. Powers, dir.)

Tubbin' with Tash is almost here. Starting October 2nd on, catch Natasha Leggero with special guests Reggie Watts, Fred Armisen, Chelsea Handler, Jeff Ross, Weird Al, and many, many more in the tub with Tash. Subscribe to receive updates when new episodes are released! SUBSCRIBE to Natasha's channel here: Connect with Jash Online: Follow Jash on Twitter:

An American Car Commercial in Dubai

At quick glance this looks like just another car commercial. Except those palm trees behind the basketball court look a bit exotic. And the driver is of Middle Eastern descent, cruising confidentally through Dubai at night to a soundtrack provided by DJ Bliss, a leading hip-hop personality in that part of the world.

So, if you've ever wondered how do they market American cars in the Middle East, this spot provides your answer: A few details change, but the messaging of status and achievement remains nearly the same.