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NEW RELEASE: Blonde Redhead "23"

23 After more than a decade away from the video scene, director Melodie McDaniel returns with a trippy, experimental performance video for NYC's Blonde Redhead. Singer Kazu Makino is layered inside smoke, lights and colors  as she asks a friend  to repent any number of times. I'm not sure the number 23 has any significance here, but the video does share some similarities with one made seven years ago for a band with five letters in its name: Doves "Catch the Sun." Both videos have beautiful photography, but this one matches the colors of the band name, which, incidentally, has 13 letters in it. A video for fans of prime numbers. (review by Kevin Holy) --> watch "23"

Blonde Redhead "23" (4AD/Beggars)
Melodie McDaniel, director | Eric Escott, producer | The Directors Bureau, production co | Patrick Simpson, DP | David Michalson/Ingenuity Engine, editor |  Mike Dunkely/Ingenuity Engine, visual effects 

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