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NEW RELEASE: Yung Joc "Coffee Shop"

littlebig Rap has changed a lot in recent years, with kiddie rhymes and sing-song hooks replacing the menace of street thugs. Now we have Yung Joc — who has always come across as harder than hard – doing the joke rap thing. The video works perfectly with the track, including comedic appearances by Joc as a bevy of characters that includes Dorf On Rap, Eddie Murphy in The Klumps and possibly even the Prince sketch from Chappelle’s Show.  Director Lenny Bass strikes the right tone with kids helping the rapper(s) sell rims and lattes – disguising the fact that song is really about pushing something just a bit more, um, addictive. (review by Doug Stern) --> watch "Coffee Shop"

Yung Joc feat. Gorilla Zoe
"Coffee Shop" (Bad Boy South)

Lenny Bass, director | Helen Urriola, producer | DNA, production co | Christopher Probst, DP | Zuk, editor

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