WATCH IT: 50 Cent f/ Adam Levine & Eminem "My Life" (Rich Lee, dir.)

Confucius allegedly said no matter where we go, we cannot escape ourselves. 50 Cent, Eminem and Adam Levine try to to do just that in this clip from director Rich Lee. The performers are caught in a moody world of sweeping searchlights and unseen observers where they cannot leave behind the truth that is their lives. Also, from the looks of this edgy nocturnal world, the paparazzi have militarized. And perhaps Fiddy, Em and Adam need to read the truth about black heliopters--> watch "My Life"

DNA 50 Cent
"My Life" f/ Adam Levine & Eminem (Interscope)

Rich Lee, director | Michael Angelos, producer | DNA, production co || Isaac Rice, director rep |Shawn Kim, DP | David Checel, editor | Dave Hussey, colorist | Missy Galanida, David Naylor, exec producers  | Kathy Angstadt, Andrew Ibea, commissioners