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WATCH IT: Lenny Kravitz vs Justice "Let Love Rule" (remix)

Justice Lenny Kravitz

[Note: As with many of Keith Schofield's videos, this is more fun if you watch it before you read my crap, even tho I try to keep spoilers to a minimum]

Director Keith Schofield imagines the final scene to what may (or may not) be the greatest movie ever made in this video for a Justice remix of the Lenny Kravitz hit "Let Love Rule." That's followed immediately by end credits, which proceed to run over the footage through the entire video. Sound boring? Well, Schofield also imagines that these credits actually exist, that they are objects which run through these physical spaces, rolling toward the top of the screen like a series of word elevators. And, yes, pomo hijinks occur. Added bonus: Many of the name sin the credits will be familiar to those in the music biz — CIMS head honcho Don Van Cleave and Gary "he signed Nirvana" Gersh, just to name two — and to a whole bunch of music video folk, including fellow directors Josh Forbes and Isaac Rentz, plus Schofield's US video team: rep Tommy Labuda, and Streetgang Films executive producer Jason Botkin. [PS: Probably over 1,000 names and couldn't sneak me in? Come on!] --> watch "Let Love Rule" (Justice remix) [Quicktime]

Lenny Kravitz  "Let Love Rule (Justice remix)" (EMI)
Keith Schofield, director | Jules Dieng, executive producer | Steve Buchanan, producer | El Nino, production co | Damian Acevedo @ NY Office, DP | Keith Schofield + Alanedit, editors | Mike Beamer, production designer | Xavier De Nauw, commissioner


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All this time and I never knew you could comment on posts...this video was great!!

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