WATCH IT: Santogold "Lights Out"

Santo Santogold doesn't need John Witherspoon to teach her that sometimes in style, you've got to coordinate. She also knows that everything is better when pushed to the extreme, so this video finds the eclectic pop/rock/dub/electro/whatever artist making sure her outfits perfectly match and blend into the backgrounds. It's a gag that's probably best known from this indoor camouflage scene from Zach Braff's Garden State, but it suits the pastiche nature of the track and is a good reminder that sometimes perfect matches are as distracting as the most blatant clash. --> watch "Lights Out" via Pitcfork TV

Santogold "Lights Out" (Downtown)
Kim  Gehrig, director | Liz Kessler, producer | Academy Films, production co | Magni Agustsson, DP | Tom Lindsay, editor