The Hottest Couples in Music Videos

Is Kanye and Kim Kardashian the hottest couple to enshrine their love in a music video? Vulture made a list — Kimye comes in at #7, which means it will clearly be included in a future rant — ranking them from nottest to hottest.

The kookiest one is unfortunately not on the list: Britney Spears and Jason Trawick, who was also her manager at the time (and has much better abs than any other music manager out there. Believe me.) 

There also many notable hair metal omissions like David Coverdale of Whitesnake and Tawny Kitaen in "Here I Go Again" and "Is This Love" (ed. It was not) and, of course, Sam Kinison and Jessica Hahn in "Wild Thing" ...

Read more for the full list, but hit Vulture for a breakdown of each one: