WATCH THIS: Lady Gaga "Born This Way" (Nick Knight, dir.)

The introductory pink triangle that gets bisected into the letter V gives you some indication of what to expect in this magnum opus by Lady Gaga and visual artist Nick Knight. A lengthy sci-fi intro — one which has me wishing Marlon Brando could cameo as Jor-El — establishes Gaga as the Eternal Mother, literally giving birth to all creation in a series of perhaps graphic, or merely kaleidoscopic shots. The main dance performance and accompanying dead wedding set-up uphold the "accept yourself" aspect of the song, showcasing her in a variety of often beyond-human looks. As usual, it's way more ambitious than needs to be and also way more transgressive than what usually tops the charts. --> watch "Born This Way"

Lady Gaga "Born This Way" (Streamline/Interscope)
Nick Knight and Haus Of Gaga, director | Nicole Ehrlich and Steven Johnson, producers  | Factory Features, production co. |  | Nick Knight and Edu Grau, DP's | dustin robertson, editor | Laurieann Gibson, creative director/choreographer | Nicole Ehrlich, creative producer | David Moquay and Loic Maes, heads of vfx | Bob Curreri, colorist | George Loucas @ Baked FX, post supervisor