WATCH IT: Lady Gaga "Marry The Night" (Lady Gaga, dir.)

This 16 minute meditation on Lady Gaga's artistic triumph after setbacks and despair — call it a bildungsroman, if you want to be fancy — plays a bit like The Wall in reverse: Gaga starts broken down and alienated, rising up from that low point to fulfill her dreams of stardom. Both The Wall (the movie, that is) and this video are grandiose — not to mention the shared eyebrow style — but Gaga actually wins in terms of brevity and humor. "Marry The Night" has (censored) nudity, catharsis, totally over-the-top scenes and way more psychodrama than you probably want to see in a music video, but Gaga is right there with you, occasionally taking the piss out of the action or reveling in the glorious absurdity of lines like,"You may say I lost everything but I still had my bedazzler." It's camp, of course, for all the right reasons. --> watch "Marry The Night"

Lady Gaga "Marry The Night" (Interscope)
Lady Gaga, director | Steven Johnson, Nicole Ehrlich, producer | Factory Films, production co |Darius Khondji, DP | Ruth Hogben, editor | Nice Shoes, vfx | Baked FX, additional fx | Ruth Hogben, additional fx | Richard Jackson, choreographer | Nicole Ehrlich, commissioner