Charlie Zwick

Enrique Iglesias "El Baño" (Enrique Iglesias & Maxim Bohichik, dir.)

Enrique Iglesias’ latest smash El Baño featuring Bad Bunny was a very close collaboration between longtime partners and friends Yasha Malekzad, Kasra Pezeshki and Maxim Bohichik. El baño marks the 16th music video that Artist Preserve have produced for the legendary latin superstar and is on trend to be one of their most successful releases.  The music video stars Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, Inherent Vice, Runaway Train, Expendables) playing a bartender who can manipulate time with his old pocket watch.

Machine Gun Kelly "Swing Life Away" (Charlie Zwick, dir.)

The crossover playbook is in full effect here: Machine Gun Kelly is definitely a rapper, but looks like a rocker, and the song has Sleeping With Sirens emo screamer Kellin Quinn helping push the 2005 hit Rise Against ballad "Swing Life Away" into a nü-metal territory. The video itself is a crossroads story — with a screenplay by MGK himself — thinking back on his life and what should come next. 

2 Chainz "Crack" (Aristotle, dir.)

2 Chainz - Crack (Explicit)

In a perfect world, 2 Chainz would be creating a different track for every substance that could get the user high - a song cycle of intoxication. He starts here with 'Crack,' and fingers crossed we'll get to 'Airplane Glue' and 'Those Orange Pills from Grandma's Bathroom' by the end of the year. Director Aristotle delivers skittering, on-edge visuals that take the viewer along on the 'trap to rap' journey.