Flaura Atkinson

Mabel "Bedroom" (Holly Blakey, dir.)


LEZ are proud to share Holly Blakey’s latest directional venture with a surreal video for Mabel Mcvey’s new single ‘Bedroom’. The pair’s most recent collaboration sees Mabel performing with her female squad, suspended 20ft in the air on a floating bed. The sweet ethereal setting matched with the deep urban lyricism create an electric combination and pave way for a new and unexpected direction for the artist. 

Klangarussell "Hey Maria" (Naroop, dir.)

Gas & Electric director Naroop enlists the dancing talents of The Twilight Players and they pop, lock and ‘boogaloo’ in an attempt to woo the locals. 

From Naroop:

The idea for the video had been running through my head for a while. When this track came in, I felt it was the perfect opportunity. 

I knew I had balance the fun and cool factor. Make it look slick, but still entertaining. This came down to casting and photography.

MØ "XXX 88" (Tim Erem, dir.)

MØ — or, if you don't feel like fucking with optionaltaccentwhatever on your keypad, you can call her MoMoMoYouth, or Maiden (which is what MØ translates to in Danish) or Karen Marie Ørsted — dreams of living in a trap star fantasy. She pines over a Diplo magazine cover (nice abs!), imagines waving a XXX flag with her posse on the beach, and being on a spirit quest in the desert.

Alas, she remains back at home. 

The Ramona Flowers "Lust & Lies" (Blake Claridge, dir.)

The Ramona Flowers - Lust and Lies

A man awakes in the desert with a noose tied around his leg... [SG]

This was a great project to get commissioned, it was the direction that I have been aiming to go down and was an enjoyable and intense seven hour shoot in the not so sunny LA. With the idea, I was excited that the band just got it and liked the simplicity.

It was the first video that I had done where the band weren't on set which was strange but was great that they were so on board with the idea and I love being involved with our amazing actors, Jack and Drew.