Klangarussell "Hey Maria" (Naroop, dir.)

Klangkarussell - Hey Maria

Gas & Electric director Naroop enlists the dancing talents of The Twilight Players and they pop, lock and ‘boogaloo’ in an attempt to woo the locals. 

From Naroop:

The idea for the video had been running through my head for a while. When this track came in, I felt it was the perfect opportunity. 

I knew I had balance the fun and cool factor. Make it look slick, but still entertaining. This came down to casting and photography.

I called upon three friends of mine, The Twilights Players, to play the lead roles. They are world renowned for their style of dancing - locking, popping and boogaloo. It’s a lost art.

With them on board, we called on the skills of DOP Matthew Taylor, who did a great job bringing an old working mans club to life. 

It ended up being one of those dream shoots where the vibe was fun and positive throughout. The whole team was on top form and it felt great to finally bring this idea to reality.

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Vanessa Mcdonnell, Production Assistant
Steve Wingrove, First Assistant Director
Yurandi Poots, Gaffer
Oisin O’Driscoll, Colorist