Markus Feehily "Love Is A Drug" (Naroop, dir.)

Markus Feehily 'Love Is A Drug'

Markus Feeley enlists photographer/director Naroop, to create the intense and moody video for new single ‘Love Is The Drug’.

A new stylistic direction for both artist and director.

From The Director:

When I first met Markus it was clear that he wanted to introduce himself with a new look. His new sound was such a departure and needed visuals that really depicted the lyrics. Markus & I both felt that a narrative video was the right direction to go in. I wanted to keep the mood dark and intense to match the powerful delivery of the vocals; but also utilise colour in certain set-ups to highlight the emotion on screen. 

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Heather B, Make-up Artist
Annalisa Andriani, Art Director
Oliver Vaughn, Stylist
Kerry Green, First Assistant Director