James Rose

Ben Khan "1000" (Yoni Lappin, dir.)

For those waiting (so far in vain) for a Twin Peaks reboot, this Red Room homage might hold you over...

Yoni Lappin, director: "Ben came to me with an idea about being at the mercy of a woman controlling him in his dreams. We both loved and connected to the Red Room scene from Twin Peaks as a visual reference for his dream world and used this as a starting point. From there, we carried on discussing ideas back and forth and adding layers. Although it may come across as random, nothing is in there for no reason; Ben actually writes his lyrics on that type writer (although we did spray paint it green for the video) and that's Ben's cat in there too. I hope people keep watching it and picking up on the little things."

Arcade Fire "Just A Reflektor" (Anton Corbijn, dir.)

If you're gonna go big, you might as well let it go to your head.

The new Arcade Fire video has a mirror ball and a mirror man, giant head shells that the band wears, and a magical mystery mission. It's directed by Anton Corbijn, and the song is produced by James Murphy with backing vocals by David Bowie. Not a bad triumverate (and that's in addition to the Google Chrome interactive video they released earlier today).