Ben Khan "1000" (Yoni Lappin, dir.)

Ben Khan - 1000

For those waiting (so far in vain) for a Twin Peaks reboot, this Red Room homage might hold you over...

Yoni Lappin, director: "Ben came to me with an idea about being at the mercy of a woman controlling him in his dreams. We both loved and connected to the Red Room scene from Twin Peaks as a visual reference for his dream world and used this as a starting point. From there, we carried on discussing ideas back and forth and adding layers. Although it may come across as random, nothing is in there for no reason; Ben actually writes his lyrics on that type writer (although we did spray paint it green for the video) and that's Ben's cat in there too. I hope people keep watching it and picking up on the little things."

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Executive Producer
Dani Castro, First Assistant Director
Jason Cuddy, First Assistant Camera
Matt Wright, Second Assistant Camera
Kilian Drury, Gaffer
Antti Janhunen, Electrical
Guy Thompson, Production Designer
Sophie Gaten, Stylist
Emily Bilverstone, Hair and Make-up
Tom Herron, Choreographer
Jason Wallis (ETC), Colorist