Phil Mucci

Director Phil Mucci’s Music Video Monster Mash

When I'm looking for something metal and/or creepy, I turn to director Phil Mucci, who knows how to make his own creepshow videos, but also has a brainful of good/bad stuff. And there's no better day to needle him for some picks than Halloween.

Phil Mucci: If you’re like me, you’re probably sick of the same old list of classic horror music videos trotted out every year, where Micheal Jackson’s Thriller comes in at #1, followed by half a dozen Aphex Twin videos and Ozzy’s Bark at the Moon. For my own list, I decided to pick some of my favorite monster music videos from the last 10 years (sorry, MJ). So if you’re into demonic nuns, over-sexed aliens, shape- shifting parasites, lesbian vampires, and surfing skeletons, this is the list for you. Happy Halloween!

Monster Magnet "The Duke" (Phil Mucci, dir.)

Diabolik is proud to announce our next collaboration with legendary space lords Monster Magnet, on an epic sci-fi video for the track ‘The Duke”, off their latest album Last Patrol.   “When I got the call from Steve Davis about the gig, I was so psyched– but so busy!” director Phil Mucci explains.  “I’ve been a fan for years, so I was even more blown away when Dave said he’d wait for the video until my schedule permitted.  How awesome is that?  I was speechless.”  Of working with director Phil Mucci, frontman Dave Wyndorf says “Mr. Mucci operates in a world all his own.

Stone Sour "Do Me A Favor" (Phil Mucci, dir.)

Stone Sour - Do Me A Favor (Official Music Video)

The first music video from House of Gold and Bones Part 2, the second part of an epic two album concept from Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor.  You'll have to wait for the album to drop April 9 - or pick up the Dark Horse Comics shortly thereafter - to see what it's all about.  Until then, just lap up the zombie apocalypse, flying demonic priest, and fiery explosions, like the hungry mayhem craving monkey you know you are.