Shia LaBeouf

Sia "Elastic Heart" (Sia and Daniel Askill, dir.)

There's no way to replicate the magic that was "Chandelier," but Sia, co-director Daniel Askill and choreographer Ryan Heffington aren't looking to remake anything here. Instead, they're taking what might be the most evocative character in modern music video — Maddie Ziegler as the Dancer has more pathos and heft than most screen characters you'll come across — and building a bigger, yet still mysterious backstory with a metaphorical and/or actual cage match dance with a devastating Shia LaBeouf.

Future Unlimited "Haunted Love" (Shia LaBeouf, dir.)


They say revenge is a dish best served cold. That's a lie. It's goes down way better with poison, which is how this dark tale begins and isn't close to being the most disturbing thing you'll see over the ensuing 4+ minutes. Director and provocateur (and yes, actor) Shia LaBeouf delivers a puzzle box of a video, dropping clues around the edges and in reflections about a family situation that's far from ordinary.