Britney Spears "Work Bitch" (Ben Mor, dir.)

Britney Spears - Work B**ch

Nobody will accuse Britney of not working (bitch) on the roll-out of this club banger. Having already been teased online, the full video is a series of dance and beauty set-ups — some in the desert, some at the lip of a body of water, some soft and delicate, and others rock hard with more than a hint of s&m.

Sure, there's the not-so-subtle placements for both her fragrance and Planet Hollywood Vegas residency (and Beats, of course), but there's nothing subtle about any of this: It's Britney back, bitch. And you should stand clear once she breaks out the whip.

PS: Yes, of course there's a Breaking Bad remix of the track already, bitch.

Production Company
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Antony Ginandjar, Choreographer
Zac Brazenas, Choreographer
Charles Infante, Production Designer
David King, Art Director