London Grammar "Hey Now" (Chris Ullens, dir.)

London Grammar - Hey Now (Official Video)

Chris Ullens, director: When this track came through for me to pitch on, I was immediately excited by it. I had been wanting to work with a string artist friend of mine (Sebastien Preschoux) for a few years, but we never seemed to find the right project. Then when I heard this dreamy track, with all the fluctuating electronic notes in it, I thought "this is it!" I had also wanted to do a video with land art animation in it for a while too, and thought this idea would work beautifully with Seb's strings and the whimsical tone of the track. And to make it all come together i envisioned staging these elements in a world influenced by the magical worlds of Miyazaki's films like Princess Mononoke. The brightly coloured geometrical shaped lights that move through the forest were actually inspired by London Grammar themselves. Even their logo is geometrical looking, and I wanted part of their identity showcased in the video- it works so well with all the other elements we've included."

I didn't intend for the video to have a clear or identifiable narrative, I wanted it to be something beautiful but unexplainable- leaving it in an organic state, open to interpretation for the viewers imagination. This video was a labour or love for me and my crew. Taking 2 whole weeks shooting in a dark and sweaty studio, not to mention the enormous amount of prep that went into it before hand. Myself and my crew were so dedicated to making it the best it could possibly be and I'm incredibly proud of what we've all achieved together.

Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Sebastian Preschoux, Special Effects
Cadi Catlow, Animator
Chris Ullens, Animator
Jamie Durand, Animator
Ciaran Beale, Art Director
Jamie Durand, Director of Photography
Denny Cooper, Colorist
Carl Grinter, Post-production
Holborn Studios, Locations