Arcade Fire "We Exist" w/ Andrew Garfield (David Wilson, dir.)

Arcade Fire - We Exist

Off goes the hair, on goes the bra and so Spider-Man actor Andrew Garfield's gender-swap journey begins...

A honky tonk crowd greets him with uneasy stares that, of course, leads to outight brutality. But, there's an escape hatch of music, even if it's just in his mind...  Soaring choreography transports him from the on-the-floor pummeling to a place where his tormentors are nothing more that a dance troupe ushering him to heaven, which in this case is a catharctic climax on-stage with Arcade Fire.

Hopefully he's also up there rocking with Hedwig...

Production Company
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Executive Producer
Jason Kisvarday, Art Director
Ryan Heffington, Choreographer
Simon Bourne, Colorist
Jesse Fleece, First Assistant Director