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Haim "My Song 5" (Dugan O'Neal, dir.)

HAIM - My Song 5 ft. A$AP Ferg

Therapy? Mediation? Hell no. If you want to work out serious issues, there's no better place than an '80s trash TV talk show. SNL's Vanessa Bayer puts on her biggest smile as host, letting the girls of Haim and special guest A$AP Ferg work out isses that range from (cotton) ball phobia to mime festishism. 

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Executive Producer
Joey Mendez, Production Manager
Jesse Fleece, First Assistant Director
Mike Hart, Second Assistant Director
Alyssa Soetebier, First Assistant Camera
Jacqueline Stahl, Second Assistant Camera
Grant Culwell, Steadicam Operator
Morgan Gillio, Production Designer
Jo Baker, Make-up Artist
Candice Burns, Hairdresser

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