Metronomy "Upsetter" (Daren Rabinovitch of Encyclopedia Pictura, dir.)

Metronomy - The Upsetter (Official Video)

It's been a few years since Encyclopedia Pictura delivered the instant classic "Wanderlust" video for Bjork, but this new Metronomy video finds them picking up right where they left off. Daren Rabinovitch of Encyclopedia Pictura directed and did the costume design for a sad and beautiful video about a love story that may have you wishing that these guys would take on a Swamp Thing remake.

And, if you need to see how much work goes into an Encyclopedia Pictura video like this, check out this Behind-The-Scenes tumblr...

Production Company
Executive Producer
Daren Rabinovitch, Costume Designer
Ashley Brock, Stylist
Jackson Barlow, Art Director
Sierra Haworth, First Assistant Camera
Matt Rome, Gaffer
Isaiah Saxon, Colorist